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    In Part 3 of this series, Isabell leads a session with an 8-year-old Hanoverian mare who shows further development toward Grand Prix. This mare shows more self carriage than the previous two horses, and Isabell points out that the rider needs to work to lower the mare's croup. She asks that they move fluently in the trot half pass keeping the flexion. When they go to the canter they show more collection than the first two horse-and-rider pairs. In the canter half pass Isabell requests a longer stride and they move on to the tempi changes, starting with the fours. After a diagonal of threes and then twos, Isabell encourages the rider to try the ones. As the mare is new to this, they only do two steps of the ones at once, helping her build her confidence. Isabell has her demonstrate a pirouette before showing piaffe and passage. She guides her to step quicker in the passage, adding half pass in shoulder in to prepare her for the piaffe. When doing the transition from passage to trot, Isabell reminds the rider to slowly make the transition, allowing the mare to find the rhythm.