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Dr. Engle & Lisa Wilcox
Dr. Steve Engle, Equine Chiropractor for Lisa Wilcox, explains the enormous benefit that the chiropractor can add to the team of professionals engaged in providing the best care for our equine partners. Watch as he examines and works on one of Lisa’s great dressage horses. Total collection run time is 15:30.
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Janet Foy
Janet Foy brings her expertise and insight to the Grand Prix movements ridden by two different horses. This is a must see video for those competing at the top for essential tips from an international level judge on riding the half passes, canter pirouettes, tempi changes, piaffe, and passage! Total collection run time is 32:45.
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Gary Rockwell
Gary Rockwell guides this stunning pair through finding a more solid connection with clear response from the leg. There are great tips for horses who tend to curl in the contact as well as how to how to change the frame to move up to Second. Total collection run time is 51:00.
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Steffen Peters
Watch Steffen Peters incorporate in hand work to help settle a nervous mare and get at the root problem: a lack of suppleness and being in front of the leg. Steffen provides effective exercises to increase suppleness and responsiveness. Total collection run time is 37:15.

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