Discussion of Position and use of the seat - Catherine Haddad Staller

Catherine begins by focusing on the riding and proper body position. A discussion of what ' aids position ' actually is, ensues. The use of the seat is discussed at length and she does a really wonderful job at showing you exactly how and when she uses her seat and the effect it has on the horse. She then moves into flying change work where again she is extremely thorough in going through the exact aids, she uses when asking and explaining exactly why she does what she does. Lastly Category/Movements/Walk Pirouettes|Category/Movements/Canter Pirouettes| begins but not before she takes some time to focus on elasticity, what is it, how do you get it, excercises to use, and an explanation of why it is important and how it affects the movements you are asking for. This wonderful training tool is helpful for the amateur and the professionals whether you are working at training level or Grand Prix!

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