Training Level to Grand Prix work with Hilda Gurney, Video Set 1

Video 1: How to deal with a horse that likes to anticipate. Canter pirouette exercises. Flying change exercises

Video 2: Green rider, focus on basics, half pass and getting reliable canter departs.

Video 3: Flying changes, focus on straightness, jump, expression, square halts, pi & pa

Video 4: Piaffe and passage, tempi changes

Video 5: Hilda training 4 different riders on different horses

Video 6: Riding to ones competency, canter transitions and walk and canter pirouettes

Video 7: Walk, trot, canter and figuring out the right buttons already within the horse.

Video 8: Training Piaffe and Passage,Second Level in hand work

Video 9: Hilda works with her student on inhand work piaffe/passage, leg yield, suppleing and using your seat properly as an aid.

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